David Fogg

Design and Engineering Consultant
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David Fogg

Managing Director David Fogg is a graduate in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the esteemed Webb Insitute - the foremost ship design school in the USA. His subsequent tenure with Murray, Burns & Dovell (AUS), Pedrick Yacht Designs and Tripp Design (USA) furthered his development. His industry experience spans more than a decade across three continents, working with some of the most prestigious and cutting edge international yacht design and construction professionals. From R&D and tank testing with the US Navy in Maryland and the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, together with his ongoing interaction with super yacht design facilities throughout the US, Australia, and Europe, David now brings his skills and the very latest in marine design and construction to Australia. A passionate sailor for more than 20 years, David has extensive open ocean experience, as well as involvement in competitive and social sailing in smaller craft including skiffs and keelboats. Now based permanently with his family on the Mid North Coast of NSW, David Fogg and DBF Designs offer both local and national access to their skills, knowledge and comprehensive marine and engineering experience.

High Level Design

High Level Design & Technical Capability

With more than 10 years’ experience in technical design and structural engineering at the international level, David Fogg has played a key part in bringing together major projects valued at up to $120M. With this background, DBF Designs provides the necessary sophisticated expertise and critical to bring your ideas to fruition – irrespective of the size of the project. With a strong focus on attention to detail, DBF Designs specialize in a wide range of construction materials and methods, including:

Timber · Fiberglass · High Tech Composites · Carbon Fiber · Aluminum · Steel

The key to maintaining a high level technical and developmental expertise stems from ongoing access to a vast world-wide network of professionals within the marine design and construction industry. While aesthetics is an essential design consideration maintaining a progressive and finite focus on all states in the evolution of a design is what sets DBF Designs part from others in the industry. DBF Designs uses state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) software to provide its clients with all the vital technical information and life-like renderings necessary to make your next project a soaring success.

Refit Design and Management

Refit Design and Management

Vessel Inspection and Digitalization
Interior Arrangement on land and sea
System requirements and schematics
Modifications to meet Survey and class refit
3D Drafting and rendering

Technical Services


Class submittals
Inclining Tests and Stability Books
Hull Measurement
R&D Facilitation
Technical Report Writing
Damage Inspection / Repair Specification

Owner's Representation


Vessel Inspection
Project Oversight and Management
Bid Specifications
Quotation reviews
Concept development